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The Healthcare Power of Attorney = The Most Underrated Estate Planning Document

Keiara has been spending one afternoon per month dedicating her time to teaching a Pro Bono clinic on Healthcare Power of Attorney Documents to seniors who attend the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program's clinics. This time has been especially rewarding as Keiara is a firm believer that the Healthcare Power of Attorney is extremely overlooked by most individuals who are thinking about getting an Estate Plan drafted. This among the other ancillary documents are absolutely necessary in that they offer guidance for those who care about you and things you are responsible for in the event of incapacitation.

People often have the inclination to plan for death, but do not consider as far as planning for altered life. A Healthcare Power of Attorney designates individuals who will care for you and your assets in the event that you are ever temporarily unable to do so due to lack of capacity. This document can be a life saver and take a great weight off your loved ones. Nevada has a registry in which this document can be filed with to ensure that in a healthcare emergency the proper parties are able to check for and access it. The document includes a great many details such as if you would like to receive pain medication and how long you wish to stay on life support. Who better to make these decisions than you? If you are in a position where you do not yet have a Healthcare Power of Attorney Taylor Law Group PLLC highly encourages you to contact us to get your affairs in order.

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