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Witness In Courtroom

Our Services

We provide thorough representation that is both reasonably priced and uniquely tailored to our clients circumstances. Our managing attorney is responsive, knowledgeable and respected by her peers. Keiara Taylor, Esq. has years of experience under her belt and practices with a refreshing transparency. You will be keep abreast of the status of your case as it moves along the legal process. Our office is happy to provide you with elite legal services.

Special Education Advocacy

We have experience dealing with all areas of special education, including:

  • Eligibility;

  • Evaluations;

  • IEPs;

  • Speech and Language;

  • Stay Put:

  • Mainstreaming;

  • Behavior Issues;

  • Non-Public Schools:

  • Expulsions; and

  • Due Process Hearing

Dependency Representation

Our office can handle anything in the dependency realm. We have litigated substantiation appeals, adjudications, and trials regarding parental rights.

We have extensive experience representing both parents and minor children in Nevada Dependency cases. We are well equipped to interface with Child Protective Services and Department of Family Services. We are aggressive in our approach and aim to reunify you with your child as soon as possible.


Most any firm can produce a draft of an agreement for you. However, every agreement won't be deemed enforceable by a court of law. Our contracts consider the defenses to enforceability and we are willing to defend them before any court. From prenuptial agreements to purchase agreements, we handle them all!

Medicare Planning & Appeals

On the planning side, we understand the nuances of the plans. If you’re looking for a firm to assist you with the tedious planning and enrollment process we certainly can! On the advocacy side, we handle Medicare Appeals for elderly and special needs individuals who have experienced recent denials.

Estate Planning

Our office provides comprehensive estate plans customized to the Grantor. We recognize that good estate plans consider life as well as death.

Our office can help you settle the destination of your assets, considerations of your beneficiaries, and a formulated plan for change in health or financial circumstance.

Business Services

We know business!


From structuring to start up to maintenance to taxation, we are prepared to deliver on all of your business needs. 

We will oversee your business and carry out your organization's annual requirements.

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