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Criminal Defense

Taylor Law Group PLLC takes the preservation of a Defendant's rights very seriously. We are careful to ensure that you do not fall victim to the corruptions that exist within our criminal system. We handle matters as simple as traffic negotiations to matters as serious as felony kidnapping charges. We are reasonably priced, sensitive to your uncomfortable position as a defendant, and transparent about the odds of a successful trial result or benefit of taking a proposed deal. 

Keiara handles both adult and juvenile matters and has worked for criminal defense practices as far back as 2013. Keiara prides herself in keeping the client abreast of all parts of the criminal process and will communicate burdens of proof, sentences in conjunction with your current charges, whether probation is achievable, what to expect at your hearings, etc. If you are a party to a criminal matter, you will want Keiara on your side.

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