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Family Law

Keiara is currently litigating Family Law cases at the Supreme Court Level and in the Eighth and Eleventh Judicial District Courts. Our current cases include the issues of: Visitation Rights, Custody modification, Child Support Modification, Paternity Establishment, Arcella Analysis', Relocation, Divorce, Asset Division, Debt Division, Alimony, Child Therapy and Interviews, Teenage Discretion, Removal of Children by CPS/DFS, etc. 

Keiara is very familiar with the Family Courts. She has a plethora of knowledge and is up to speed on all of the latest case law and decisions in the practice area. Family Law has become her niche area over the last three years. Specifically, she has proudly developed an exclusive set of written materials that aid clients in understanding the navigation of their family law cases and ease the emotional fluctuations that natural come with being a party to these matters.


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