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Our Approach

At Taylor Law Group PLLC we recognize the importance of communicating clear expectations. Typically when a legal situation arises it can feel unfamiliar for most people. This is why we start with an introductory consultation which allows for you to get to know the managing attorney and staff and receive essential information regarding your case.​

You can expect to provide us with general information on a questionnaire and in turn you will receive an agreement, welcome letter, informational sheet regarding your case type, a checklist featuring important dates, and our policies and procedures.

We charge the most reasonable fees possible and can explain to you what the fee will cover and how it was calculated.


While the attorney is the driving force in your representation, we feel it is best to frequently update our clients and consult their preferences on issues that may arise. You will know ahead of time if your participation is necessary for a filing or event.

Most importantly, Keiara will ALWAYS explain the steps of the case, her intentions, why she is making a strategic decision, and what results to expect.

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