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Estate Planning

Keiara understands how essential Estate Planning is for all individuals and understands how to plan effectively for each individual's circumstances. Estate planning should not be an end-of-life event nor is it only people of extreme wealth. ​Estate Planning is mandatory for an organized life and strong legacy. 


Differing assets, family dynamics, and abilities demand different types of plans. No matter the particularity, Keiara has you covered. Taylor Law Group PLLC delivers full comprehensive Estate Plans, which include not only your designated Will or Trust but are also inclusive of several ancillary documents: not limited to Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney (including the registry), Certificate of Trust, HIPAA Release Form, Deeds, Sub Trusts, etc. 

Taylor Law Group PLLC is one of the rare law firms equipped to produce Special Needs Trusts and Gun Trusts. We understand Medicaid Spenddown and Class II Firearms. We also happily deliver asset protection Trusts and debt relief Trusts.

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